Thursday, August 25, 2005

Buying Used Tennis Racquets

Due to the decline in proper racquet demo programs at many sporting outlets I've become a fan of purchasing used racquets at lower cost until I'm certain I will stick with a certain frame. I know many people who waste a lot of their hard earned money buying new untried frames and then abandoning them. For those that are interested in buying used frames I've found three good sources on the web.

The first is a tennis store in New Mexico named Sandia Racquet Services They are a tennis specialty store that sells demo frames at very good prices. I purchased a Yonex MP-5 Tour from them for $50 US and was very pleased with the quality of the frame as well as the service and delivery time. Since they are USTA certified stringers they know how to grade a racquets quality properly. While the selection is not exhaustive you may find a late model frame you are interested in at a fraction of the cost.

The second place for finding used tennis frames is the Tennis Warehouse discussion forums. This is probably the most active and technical tennis forum on the web right now and you will find many tennis nerds who have tried every frame under the sun and have frames to offload. Since used tennis frames are just space junk and people have money tied up in them if not used you can usually strike some good deals. There is also a forum devoted to finding specific frames that you can post to if looking for something. Here is a link to the Tennis Warehouse Discussion forums,

I direct your attention to the "For Sale or Trade" or "Wanted" forums.

Lastly you can search ebay for used frames, I bought a pair of Prince TT Warrior MP's from a seller there and was pleased with the price and the quality based on the pictures he had posted. The reason ebay is my third choice is that you will more likely be buying from people who are not necessarily really informed on tennis and are selling a racquet that is sitting in the closet. They are also probably less able to talk about how the frame plays which is a benefit of buying from the pro at Sandia or the people on the Tennis Warehouse forums.

Warning: Buying cheaper used tennis racquets can become an addiction and can lead to a never ending search for the perfect racquet where you never hit with the same one twice. Never buy more than one of a new frame that you haven't hit with even if you are offered a great deal on two or more since the honeymoon doesn't always last too long. Good luck in your search


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