Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wilson nSix-One Tour

I have used the Wilson nSix-One Tour for about a year and can describe how it plays from the eyes of an intermediate/advanced player. The primary strength of this racquet comes from its rock solid stability at impact which allows you to crush the ball. The downside of this stability is it's weight which puts a premium on early racquet preparation. It's weight combined with its small headsize and sweetspot made it a racquet that I really liked if I had been practicing and playing a lot, but tough to use if I was rusty. Here is my breakdown on the racquet from a stroke perspective:

Forehand -> Really enjoyed the weight and stability on the forehand, the small head also is very maneuverable and I could generate good racquet speed to impart lots of topspin. It's weight also helps you on forehand slice due to stability at impact and force you can generate from a short swing.

Backhand -> Similar to forehand but the weight seemed to put more of a premium for getting the racquet back early. It's easy to get caught late on the ball and mistime your shot. Accuracy is a plus with this racquet so I knew I could count on making my opponent play.

Volleys -> My favourite shot with this racquet. Even though the racquet is heavy, its headlight balance makes it easy to maneuver. The stability is great for making solid impact with the ball in flight and it does not twist in your hand or require you to take a big swing to get a nice solid volley. Also if you can get a racquet on the ball when reaching wide, it's mass does a good job of providing a platform for the ball to bounce off so you don't have perfect form.

Serve -> While I enjoyed good accuracy from the racquet I found its heavy weight hard to swing quickly to generate racquet speed. Over the course of the match I noticed a decrease in my second serve velocity as I got tired. If you really crank it the heavy weight can produce some bombs but I found it tough over the course of the entire match. If you've got good upper body strength than this can be a good serving racquet. The small 90 inch head is also conducive to serving the flatter balls down the T.

If this sounds like the racquet for you here is a link

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