Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blake Vs Agassi Vs The Imposters

Much could be said about the Blake Vs Agassi match from a technical/strategy standpoint but it really boiled down to guts like any entertaining match ultimately does. For me the main thing on my mind in the end for some reason was the unique experience Tennis and competitive sports in general can give people. The match was decided by a precious few shots in the fifth set tiebreak. Was either Blake or Agassi really the "winner" of that match? No one really dominated, it was so close the fact that someone would go on in the tournament almost seemed like a flip of a coin as much as a clear statement of who was the stronger player that day. Sure Blake was bummed and Agassi was on a high after winning but it brought to mind that cheesy phrase they put on the entrance to center court at Wimbledon, something like "To meet with victory and defeat and treat these two imposters as just the same" since there was so little that seemed to make the winner and loser here. For me the "take home" part was a statement made by Agassi right after the match on court when he said that matches like this one were the reason he kept playing since to paraphrase "How else could he get such an experience?". In my everday reach there is nothing that can quite duplicate the physical exertion, mental focus, drama and basic highs and lows that a competitive tennis match can provide and guess what, this is true for Andre Agassi too. A guy who has millions in the bank knows that the thrill of competition is something that he cannot purchase and you don't have to be playing the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open to get amped up about trying to serve out the match late in the third set. You can be in a dogfight with some dude with two forehands in the first round of the local Joe's Donut and Fried Fish Shop Open and barely be able to hold onto your racquet! This is really cool because it's a reminder that ultimately you, me and Andre Agassi are all playing competitive tennis for the same reasons. So somebody will win, somebody will lose, apparently they are both "imposters" and the the reason you play is for the unique experience that is only possible if you put it on the line in a tournament match.


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