Thursday, September 08, 2005

Great Professional Tennis Blog

FYI for those looking for a good read on the pro players I recently found a great blog on professional tennis that I'd recommend if you're keen on keeping up on your favourite pro players goings on. It's called It's got pretty detailed info on news and events related to a bunch of pro players, really up to date as well. Basically you've got blog articles based on player news and events broken down on a per player basis which I hadn't really seen before in my travels. I had a good read of the James Blake stuff regarding to his quarterfinal match with Agassi. Instead of combing all the tennis news sites for info on your favourite players this site probably wraps it up for you.


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Blogger Noelle De Guzman said...

Hi, I got here via Pro Tennis Fan. I hope you write more soon. :)

3:10 AM

Blogger springa said...

I also got here from ProTennisFan, lol.
You have a very nice blog, i think i'll be visiting it once in a while ;)

6:25 PM

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